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BOOK CLUB LESSON: We should accept and celebrate each other’s differences. There is beauty inside us

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

With so much focus on children's challenges, your child may have a hard time recognizing or appreciating her strengths. It is important to equip children with self-awareness and self-esteem, which will help them deal with the long-term struggles of learning difficulties. I like to tell my students that we're all good at some things and working on others. We take turns discussing our individual strengths and weaknesses, and I get to witness that moment of enlightenment when she realizes that she is not alone. I usually share that I'm good at teaching or dancing but working on cooking. The latter generally brings silence to the room as students bow their heads and struggle to be respectful and contain the laughter.

The following picture books provide a jumping-off point for a discussion about individual strengths and weaknesses, which can set your child on the path to greater self-awareness and increased self-esteem. Remember to be honest during these conversations; children can smell a fake, emotionally supportive conversation a mile away. Also, it is not enough to influence the child's focus. A simultaneous cultural shift should occur in the home and classroom. Adults have to talk the talk and walk the walk.


Book Title: The Little White Owl

Author: Tracey Corderoy

Illustrator: Jane Chapman

Book Description: A little white owl earns the friendship of the colorful owls he meets by sharing his happy stories.

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Book Title: The Boy Who Grew Flowers

Author: Jen Wojtowicz

Illustrator: Steve Adams

Book Description: A shy boy befriends the new girl in class as he reveals his remarkable talents.

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