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Tutoring is one of the best investments you will make for your child's future. We can help you plant the seed for your child's success.


One of my personal missions is to improve the quality of life of children. We continually work on designing and implementing a comprehensive program in which family members, teachers and therapists collaboratively address children’s communication, social, academic, emotional and physical needs. To that end, our instructional practices include strategies determined partly by the subject matter to be taught and partly by the nature of each learner, including learning strengths, difficulties, and preferences. 


- Angela Y. León, Semirosas


To improve the quality of life of students. We collaborate with families and professionals to address students' communication, social, academic, emotional, and physical needs. 

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A Parent’s Guide to Choosing an Academic Tutor

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Tutoring Packages

Choose the plan that best matches your needs!

Initial 15-minute phone consultation: FREE

With our Refer-A-Friend Program, clients receive 5 free sessions for every friend you refer that signs up for a tutoring package. To register a friend, CLICK HERE.


By appointment only.

Check-in under the name Angela Y. Leon.

WeWork, 142 W 57th Street, New York, NY 10019

WeWork, 8 W 126th Street, Third Floor, New York, NY 10027

All  packages  include . . . 


Package Descriptions and Pricing

SCHEDULING: The frequency and length of sessions are flexible, although we recommend at least one 1-hour session per week for consistency.



CANCELLATION POLICY: At least 12-hours notice is required for all cancellations (e.g., phone, text, email). If sufficient notification is not provided, the missed time will be deducted from the package hours. 

Choose the plan that best matches your needs!

Pricing and Payment


To submit payment, click on Buy Now and use a Debit or Credit Card. For package descriptions, please see the chart below this section. 

Please submit payments prior to the end of your current package, to make certain that services continue without interruption. Pre-paid packages are not refundable.


I want to improve my child's life!

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Assistant Professor

Semirosas offers exceptional consulting and tutoring services. It is a wonderful educational resource that has truly opened doors for my children.

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How We Do What We Do

Our tutoring services are characterized by the following: ​

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Never leave home without it!

Executive function skills are at the core of all we do on a daily basis. The same goes for our kiddos and our tutoring sessions.

Digital Tools and Apps

Our students learn about digital tools and resources that facilitate skill practice, time management, and more. 

Breaking Down Concepts

We break down key concepts into manageable chunks. In this Cause and Effect lesson, the words so and because help you identify and state cause and effect relationships.

Example: The boy fell so he cried.

We use multisensory cues and prompts to help students learn. This Why-question Graphic Organizer shows:


  • Written cues

  • Picture cues

  • Gestural cues (the image of an arrow indicates that a hand gesture of right to left movement is used by students and tutors)

Multisensory Cues and Prompts

Fun, Purposeful, Impactful Lessons

We engage students in fun, purposeful and impactful lessons that solidify concepts. To target reading comprehension skills and story retelling, third graders built this diorama based on a short story we read. They referred to the text as they built it to ensure accurate interpretation and recall of details.

Click here to visit the website or access the site via our Home page. You will find a gallery of online student activities across grades, online dictionaries, education/therapy information & resources, information regarding English-Language Learners, etc.

Student Activities Online: Free Website

Activities Website


Access booklists sorted by skills targeted or themes. We want students, families, and professionals to use good literature to facilitate student learning. The booklists are available to S-University Members: Click here to find out more!

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