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There are many resources available to facilitate instruction and learning. The best ones are based on proven best practices and students' individual needs. These are the resources that will yield palpable, long-lasting results whether you are working one-on-one during a tutoring session, educating parents, or training educators on how to implement best practices.


- Angela Y. León, Semirosas


To improve the quality of life of students. We collaborate with families and professionals to address students' communication, social, academic, emotional, and physical needs. 

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Children's Literature

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Beautiful Oops!
Barney Saltzberg
The Boy Who Grew Flowers
Written by Jen Wojtowicz
The Dot
Written by Peter H. Reynolds
How Full Is Your Bucket? For Kids
Written by by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer
The Little White Owl
Written by Tracey Corderoy
Moody Cow Meditates
Kerry Lee MacLean
Oh, the Places You'll Go!
Written by Dr. Seuss
Where the Wild Things Are
Maurice Sendak
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Community Resources

New Jersey​
performcare-nj logo - Copy.png
PerformCare is a national, full-service behavioral health managed care organization. They support their members and their network of providers through specialized behavioral health and human services programs in both the public and private sectors.

Resources for Students

Student activities online for learning and practice at home and school, independently or with assistance.
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Student Homework Planner
3rd - 6th Grade 
A small investment for an enormous pay-off! Tomorrow is too late to develop student independence and healthy habits for long-term success academically and personally.
2 options:
1) Paper copy with downloadable PDF to be reused yearly
2) Downloadable PDF only



  • The ultimate student planner for completing academic tasks while developing time management and self-regulation skills

  • Homework checklist for students

  • Planner mini-guide with instructions

  • Year-at-a-Glance planner

  • The PDF version of the planner and the guide will be emailed to the email address provided via your PayPal payment

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Order the paper copy today to also receive a FREE two-sided, backpack tag so your child remembers what he'll need to pack on his way to school or as she heads back home at the end of the day.


1) Paper copy with downloadable PDF to be reused yearly

2) Downloadable PDF only:

. . . and so much more. 
Premium resources galore! 
Check out the rest of the resources we designed and created for elementary-school student success, at home and in the classroom. Take a look in our Professionals section.


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