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Meaningful interactions leave a positive imprint on individuals, even if we never find out how we influenced another person's life. I am thankful that every once in a while I find out.


- Angela Y. León, Semirosas

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To improve the quality of life of students. We collaborate with families and professionals to address students' communication, social, academic, emotional, and physical needs. 

Our son was diagnosed with a learning disability. He has struggled throughout the years with reading, comprehension, and social interactions. Since beginning with Semirosas Ms. Angela is easily the most responsive professional I have the pleasure of working with. Ms. Angela displays a maturity level that is evident in her teaching strategies for students with disabilities. She produces well organized lessons and reading projects that can be modified to suit the academic levels of your child. These different strategies are appropriate to their specific challenges. We have seen the amazing progress and self discipline our son has acquired through out this process and we are very thankful to have found Semirosas.

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Carmen Puente



Very clean cut and to the point

Sascha McDermott, Reader of E-tips Newsletter

Elementary School Special Education Teacher


Dear ms leon,

your site helped me amazing. Now i practiced typing faster and memorizing more words and numbers. All of that really helped my more time thankyou for this amazing site.

Jahaira Franco, User of Student Activities Website

Elementary School Student


Angela, enjoyed tremendously your workshops. I believe they are very helpful and benefit students. All the materials are user friendly and kid friendly. I will be using them next year.

Rose Maschio, Dare-to-Share Workshop Participant

Elementary School Special Education Teacher


Loved being a part of this group this year Angela. Thank you so much for all the extra hard work you put into helping our students and teachers.

Christine Grisham, Dare-to-Share Workshop Participant 

Elementary School Teacher


Thanks so much for organizing the meetings, Angela! It was a great opportunity to collaborate and share ideas. It provided me with resources and tools that were very helpful in my classroom. I look forward to participating again in the fall!

Jodi Kostival, Dare-to-Share Workshop Participant 

Elementary School Teacher


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