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E-TIP: Fight alongside, not against, technology!

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Learning is still learning. Motivation is still motivation. What has changed drastically is the tools we use day to day. Phones and Tablets and Apps! Oh my!

Using technology in classrooms allows teachers to combine instruction and students’ way of life. It’s not us vs. technology. It’s us AND technology transforming education. In a world where communication devices might as well be an appendage, technology is the perfect tool to successfully deliver knowledge, engage students and empower lifelong learners. Want students to read Shakespeare, write poetry and engage in meaningful conversations about learning? That’s easy; use technology!

Here are just a few tools:

No Fear Shakespeare

No Fear Shakespeare puts Shakespeare's original text side-by-side with a modern English translation so students can enjoy the beauty of the original works as they keep up with the meaning.


Students choose from professional artwork to jumpstart their writing online. Simple tools allow them to write and publish picture books (K-grade 5), longform chapter books (grades 5-9) and poetry. Students also receive social feedback from Storybird's global community. For more information, view this video:


Students read the first part of a story and submit a draft of the next chapter online. Their peers read the submissions and vote for the winner. The winning piece becomes the next chapter and the competition continues until the story is complete. For more information, view this video:

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