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Consulting: Education

We're invested in sharing our knowledge and experience with education professionals to positively affect the lives of children and their families.


- Angela Y. León, Semirosas

Dare-to-Share Workshop Series

Title of Workshop Series:
DARE to SHARE: Facilitating Skill Acquisition for
Students across Academic Settings (2010-2013)
Website (Members Only):
New York City public school
Series Description:
DARE to SHARE was a lunch-time workshop series I created to facilitate collaboration between all staff members that worked with the students on my speech-language therapy caseload. Participants were involved in topic selection, including curriculum-based assessment and intervention procedures, instructional strategies, and the progress of students with whom such strategies were implemented. We also planned co-teaching sessions and exchanged materials and resources.
Participation was voluntary. Members of the DARE-to-SHARE Google Group, received monthly invitations to the workshops via email, as well as an online form to choose topics of discussion.
Online Forms and Documents:
Feedback and evaluation form
- Newsletter (sample issue)
- R.S.V.P. for meetings (sample form)
- Topic-suggestion form

To improve the quality of life of students. We collaborate with families and professionals to address students' communication, social, academic, emotional, and physical needs. 

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Reading Comprehension Workshop

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Customized Consulting Services

Please contact Angela Y. León to discuss customized education consulting services. Contact us for a 20-minute Complimentary Clarity Call.
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