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luck is what happens

when preparation

meets opportunity

~ Seneca 

Angela Y. León  |  Business Coach 


You've heard that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. If not, you have now.


I have had the privilege of benefitting from many professional and personal stages in my life. (Keep in mind that our professional stages often mirror our personal life). From Speech-Language Pathologist and Workshop Facilitator to Mentor and Account Administrator to puppy owner and business owner (Semirosas), I chose to experience these life-defining stages to consciously challenge myself as new opportunities arose, collecting complementary skills and knowledge along the way. The ever-changing final product is an individual that takes on new opportunities as they appear, creates new opportunities, grows from them, and defines success on her own terms in her personal and professional life.


I wish to share what I picked up along the way so

you are prepared to meet and create your opportunities.

Redefine success!



Identifying professional strengths

Defining professional goals

Leadership skills

Organizational skills

Problem solving skills

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